NDT area

AGE scientific has been designing ultrasonic equipment for detecting defects in metals for over 10 years. We have created a Flaw detector for automatic industrial uses, a portable Flaw detector complete with a 7 "high resolution display and" intelligent "lithium-ion batteries and a very latest generation of portable devices containing a phased array capable of performing an" ultrasound ”In real time on the metal parts to be tested.

Nautical sector

Age scientific, for a well-known company in the sector, has designed and produced the control cards and all the sensors for the management of trolleys used in the movement of boats (from 100 tons to 1400 tons).


The founders of AGE Scientific all come from the research sector in the field of high energy physics and aerospace. In collaboration with an important company, they continue to design in this area.

Industrial sector

AGE Scientific has made many boards used in the industrial sector. Some examples are:
• Temperature readers through PT100 sensors.
• Multiplexer for 4-20 mA lines.
• Multichannel data acquisition cards.
• Capacitive door opening buttons.
• Ultrasonic level meters.
• Ultrasonic stroke end sensors for hydraulic pistons.
• Wireless data acquisition systems
• Control systems (fans, lights, power supplies, etc.) for RACK cabins

AUDIO sector

We have created for the AUDIO ANALOGUE most of the MAESTRO series including three power amplifiers, two integrated ones and a CD player.
We then created an audio distribution system based on the toslink for a company operating in the nautical sector.


AGE Scientific has created pressure and vibration sensors used in alarm systems inside homes and as a perimeter defense outside.


AGE Scientific has created recessed LED spotlights and sectionable linear spotlights.
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